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Designer For a Day

Fancy an Interior Designer coming to you for a day? We’re bringing this service back, as it was very popular.

Start to Finish

When you hire us for a Designer for a day, you can gather all your questions & design uncertainties no matter the size. We will spend at least 3 hours with you to go through everything from floor plans to colour selections. We will come armed with a selection of samples and suggestions if they are needed.

We will schedule a 15min consultation call beforehand, so we can plan our visit/meeting as best as possible to ensure you get the most out of your day.


Once the day is over, if you can, we will let you keep any samples and/or we will type up notes for our meeting and package it all up. You’ll receive this in a PDF format to then carry out at your own pace.


Choose either an appointment to come into our studio or get in touch to arrange a visit at your home.



Appointment in the Studio: From £400 (max of 4hrs),

additional hrs will be at a billable rate.

For a meeting at your property please get in touch below

as it is dependant on location.

Ready? Book a Consultation.

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