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Project Management

A start to finish service, starting with the planning permissions to the internal styling.

Start to Finish

We’ve teamed up with local Chartered Surveyors Alderton Associates.

We provide a range of architectural services from concept design right through to detailed construction drawings, working in several sectors including residential (new build, extension and refurbishment), education, healthcare and commercial.

Our design team have extensive experience in obtaining both Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval on a wide range of schemes.

Planning Permisson

Planning permission is generally required for most new construction projects, significant alterations to existing buildings or changing the use of a building (i.e. from a single dwelling into flats). Internal alterations and small external changes (such as putting up a low fence) do not normally require planning consent, though there are more stringent rules for listed buildings and in conservation areas.

Some small extensions and alterations to residential properties may be considered as Permitted Development and will therefore not require formal planning permission. If you’re unsure if the proposed works require Planning Permission then feel free to contact us to see the best way to proceed.

To apply for planning permission, you will need to provide a full set of planning drawings to the Local Planning Authority along with a completed application form, payment of the relevant fee and other required site information dependant on the nature of the proposed work. We can produce all of the required plans and supporting information and liaise with planning officers on your behalf throughout the planning process.

Planning approval may be granted outright, conditions may be applied (such as restricting the hours of use of business premises) or a planning application may be rejected. You can negotiate minor objections, submit a new application taking into account concerns raised by the local authority or appeal a decision that goes against you.

Carrying out a building project without planning permission can be disastrous. Although you may be able to apply for retrospective planning approval, you could face refusal and a requirement to demolish unapproved premises or cease activities that are not permitted.

Building Regulations Approval

Most domestic works will require Building Regulations approval. Generally, a full set of Construction Drawings and Specification Notes should be submitted to the Local Authority or Approved Inspector who will then review them and, if required, request additional information before approving the plans (this is known as Full Plans Approval).

Alternatively, works of a straightforward nature can be carried out on a Building Notice which reduces the amount of time required for the plans to be assessed prior to works commencing, however there is slightly increased risk that the Building Inspector may request design or material changes whilst the works are on site.

We work alongside Structural Engineers, Landscaping Consultants and Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to enable us to provide a complete design package including all construction plans and specifications required for Building Regulations Approval. Alternatively, we can work alongside your chosen engineers or consultants should you wish.

The full plans approval process can take up to 8-weeks and can run alongside the Planning Approval process although if time is not critical we would generally recommend waiting for Planning Approval before commencing to avoid any abortive fees should Planning Approval not be granted.

Internal Design

During the above stages a lot of the structural design elements & finishes would need to be decided. After this we can get back to designing the rest of your property to make it feel like your home.

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