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Architects Vs Interior Designer

By Alice Molloy

Architects Vs interior designers both play pivotal roles in shaping the spaces we inhabit, but they approach design from distinct perspectives. Architects are primarily concerned with the overall structure and functionality of a building. They design the general layout, consider structural integrity, building codes, and ensure the space meets the needs of its occupants. Architects … Continued

Textured Paint and Plaster: The Timeless Appeal

By Alice Molloy

When it comes to interior design, the search for beauty and functionality knows no bounds. Among the ever growing of choices available to homeowners, textured paint and plaster emerge as timeless classics, offering a wealth of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Texture breathes life into walls, transforming them from bland backdrops to dynamic focal … Continued

Luxury Cushion Collection – Launching soon

By Alice Molloy

We are super excited to announce a Cushion Collection will soon be coming to Alice Molloy Interiors! We have teamed up with the amazing Glossy Interiors to bring top quality cushions, hand made in the UK, now with designer fabrics! Here at Alice Molloy Interiors, we love good quality when it comes to soft furnishings, … Continued