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E-Design – Making Our Interior Design Services Available Digitally

General News

E-Design – Making Our Interior Design Services Available Digitally

Alice Molloy Interiors are happy to announce our newest service – E-Design! Our newest offering allows us to provide our interior design services digitally, which means less time waiting around, and reaching the desired results sooner!

E-Design – Our Story

For a while now at Alice Molloy Interiors, we have been catering for clients within Essex, Hertfordshire and London, and are proud to have happy clients receiving our top-quality service throughout. We have received enquiries to provide interior design services outside of these counties and seems to be increasing over time. Due to the location of such clients, it has brought about some challenges, sometimes resulting in delaying projects. We were not happy about these consequences, and we wanted to make sure that such clients were missing out on the top-quality service we provide to our nearby clients, thus E-Design was born!

Now that we are in the online age where the world is connected no matter the location, we felt that technology is advanced to the point we can confidently deliver our full service digitally.

How Does E-Design Benefit Everyone?

E-Design can be considered similar to our traditional approach, but most of the stages will be online-based. This means that meetings/consultations, design concepts, shopping lists, and design packs will be handled digitally. One of the main advantages of this approach is saving time. Scheduling face-to-face meetings and going back-and-forth with changes adds on time to the deadline, meaning you may wait longer until you have the desired design. With this E-Design approach, meetings can be scheduled much sooner, provide designs digitally, receive and act on feedback easily, and provide the end-result in a nice and tidy electronic pack.

We are confident that we can provide a great digital service as you’d expect from our traditional approach. Ready to start your E-Design journey? Great! Read more information about our E-Design service and select a package that suits you best. Have any questions about our new service? Send us an enquiry, and we will be happy to provide you with answers. Prefer face-to-face interactions and want to know more about our traditional approach? No problem! Check out our traditional project lifecycle.