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Creating the perfect Work from Home Space

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Creating the perfect Work from Home Space

Despite the lockdown restrictions more or less completely easing, it seems that for most, our usual work environment won’t ever fully be the same again. With the majority of people either working from home full or part-time, its increasingly important to create an inspiring office space. 

Whether it’s a dedicated room, a small study space to a garden room, continue reading to see our top tips!


Consider the best location for your office, considering the nature of your role alongside your home environment. For example, if you work whilst looking after your children, opt for a multi-functional space where you can keep an eye on your kids. It’s important to think where you will spend most of your time during the day and start from there. Contrarily, if you need a quiet space where you can focus by yourself, an office room may be best for your situation.


The key to making a successful office is selecting both a functional and aesthetic desk and chair. In terms of desk, select a shape and style suited to the room. If, for example, you have a massive spare room which can be converted, why not make a statement by having one centred in the room. If you are utilising a small corner, opt for a desk with integrated storage to reduce clutter. This will, aesthetically, allow the desk area to seamlessly flow with the rest of the room without taking over the space.

Home office Image from
Alice Molloy Interiors – Rutland Gardens

Ensure to match your chair with the rest of the room and don’t be afraid to go for something bolder. If you have a job where you’ll be sitting for hours, its especially important to invest in a comfortable chair which can swivel and adjust to your needs. 


Often those with small spaces steer away from making an office space due to reduced room. Be creative and think of places where you could incorporate a desk area- think hallways, landings etc. We love this creative office area below, using a desk shelf to create a workspace.

Image from Pinterest


Colour is proven to have an effect on our mood and wellbeing. Whilst there are tones known to stimulate the imagination, colour is personal to each individual. Reflect on which shades make you feel motivated, whilst not selecting something too bright which could become distracting.

Image from
Cocolapine Design


Storage is key to creating a stress-free, motivating environment. If you have the space, use shelves and drawers to create desk storage, this allows for both concealed storage and decorative items. This image here is a perfect example of maximising storage to create a functional yet aesthetic design.

Desk storage – Image from
Jessica Elizabeth Interiors

Are you interested in creating an inspiring office space? Enquire now, and we will be happy to discuss how to. 

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer at Alice Molloy Interiors