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Designing with Neutrals Guide

Neutral tones are an effective way to create a classic, contemporary home. Contrary to popular belief, neutral design isn’t as easy as it looks. Key features including texture, shape and hues are crucial to creating a successful space. If done correctly, such schemes can be anything but boring. Don’t worry, we are about to delve into how to do this…


When working with neutrals, it’s important to add pops of colour throughout the space to bring it to life. If you’re not feeling brave, these can be achieved through cushions, décor items etc. The image above demonstrates this perfectly, whereby the beautiful blues contrast with soft, neutral tones. Such a backdrop, utilising neutral flooring, wall details and furniture, allows the blues to stand out.


Texture is key when designing with neutrals, adding depth and character. Not only this, but it avoids a room from looking flat. As seen below, even though the room is predominately all cream and black tones, the use of soft furnishings (linen, velvet) contrasted with glass, gold and silver creates an exciting space.


Select furniture and architecture with shapes and patterns which add further depth to a neutral scheme. Characterised by solely browns and beige tones, the below image shows how this colour palette can be far from boring…


Another key feature is to play around with different shades and tones. This room below works so well due to the subtle variations in tones. The slight contrast between the walls and sofa allows the furniture to stand out. 


Black accents always have a place in a neutral home. Integrating these tones throughout a space creates a statement whilst encouraging the eye to move around the room. 


Another way of keeping a space interesting is through selecting unique and unusual furniture. In the design below, the abstract sofa instantly draws the eye and creates a statement.

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Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer.