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Making the Most Out of a Small Space

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Making the Most Out of a Small Space

Whether you live in a small flat or want to get more out of a tiny room, these design ideas will help you to achieve a functional, aesthetic space. Maximising storage whilst utilising your square footage is key in this process. 

Play with Scale

Typically, people assume that a small space equates to even smaller furniture. On the contrary, a select few larger pieces can really create a statement. The key here is to keep it minimal, having fewer items in the room. Why not look at a large statement sofa…

Large sofas & key items can help you play with scale
Large sofas & key items can help you play with scale


Lighting is a fundamental part of designing a successful small space. Typically, in small areas we see fewer windows, creating a dark atmosphere. To counteract this, add beautiful lamps and pendants to create a cosy feel & warm lighting. In the kitchen and bathroom, opt for strip lighting under your wall units and worktops to open up the space. 


 Mirrors are an effective way of making a room feel open and bigger, whilst adding character and beauty to a space. From creating a gallery wall of mirrored shapes and sizes, to a large leaning mirror, you can design to suit your own style! In reference to lighting, try placing the mirror on opposing walls to your windows, allowing for the light to reflect. 

Large mirrors create a focal point & bounce the light around
Large mirrors create a focal point & bounce the light around


When it comes to colour, neutral tones are an effective way of opening an area. Stick to a limited colour palette and maintain this throughout your space to keep it from looking cluttered.

Concealed Storage

Nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter everywhere. Opt for integrated storage throughout, from built-in kitchen appliances through to fitted wardrobes. When it comes to selecting furniture, find furnishings which boast storage. Ottoman beds, storage benches and sofa beds are great examples of multi-functional pieces.

Keep the Floor Clear

Opt for floating pieces and wall lights to allow for an open space. When it comes to the living area, mounting your TV is an easy and effective way of space saving. 

Dining Tables

When it comes to the dining area, opt for a small, round table which can be extended. This is a great way of saving space whilst still having the capacity for when friends and family come over!

Need some help with putting these principles into practice? We are happy to help! Simply send us an enquiry and we will get back to you!

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Designer at Alice Molloy Interiors.