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Designer For a Day – A Service for Your Designer Needs

General News

Designer For a Day – A Service for Your Designer Needs

Alice Molloy Interiors turns 3 today, and to celebrate, we are excited to announce our new service – Designer for a Day! A service that helps with all your designer needs, where we can solely focus on your needs for an entire day, undisturbed.

How It All Began

Our team have been rushed off our feet over the past few months, but we noticed a pattern with the influx of projects. We had enquiries about potential clients requiring partial designs, floorplans and ideas, advice on finishes and furnishings, and more. We thought to ourselves “there must be something we can do to give them undivided attention to complete these loose ends of theirs”. Originally, we tried to fit in some of these loose ends whilst working on full projects, but it seemed like it was a bad approach as we only helped whenever we had time. This was not a good long-term solution, so we decided to take a different approach. We wanted to be able to deliver a full service to all clients and making sure that no matter what we are working on, everyone gets a top-quality service.

This is where we came up with the idea “Designer for a Day”, providing you with a professional to be by your side undisturbed for an entire day, assisting with your needs and leaving you satisfied with the result. Our new service will primarily cover the following:

  • Conversations in-person, over the phone and email
  • On-site appointments
  • Detailed layouts, finishes, floor plans, furnishings, placements, paint colour selection, prices, and installation
  • Advising on specific room designs
  • Review estimations and quotes
  • Liaise and meet with trades and vendors

If your needs fit into any of these options, or you have something different in mind that requires professional advice, send us a Designer for a Day request now!