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The First Week in the Next Chapter of my Life – Interior Design Industry

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The First Week in the Next Chapter of my Life – Interior Design Industry

Business at Alice Molloy Interiors is growing and as a result we have decided to start working with a Free-Lancer and guide her into the Interior Design industry. Jade, approached us a while back but we didn’t have anything for her at that time. A few weeks ago, she called again and I liked how she wasn’t giving up on her dream, so I decided to meet up with her. This is a quick piece from Jade.

“I felt as though a change was needed for a while.

Rewind 9 months, I was offered my first full-time position since graduating from university. After 4 months of applying to countless jobs, I felt that I had to take the first position I was offered and that I should be grateful for what I could get (especially during Covid times). Whilst it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I panicked. 

Fast forward to now and I have handed in my notice and I’ve NEVER felt happier! Miserable every day at work, I felt I was slowly losing my fun and creative self. I had a realisation and thought that if I don’t go for it now, I never will.

I have always had a passion for interiors. It’s crazy to think that the things I do for fun, creating moodboards, researching trends, working to new briefs and designing could become more than a hobby.

Last week, I met with Alice Molloy, an Interior Designer. This was my first meeting with someone in the Interior Design world and I was very nervous (after all my degree was in Textile Design and what if I’m too inexperienced). A few minutes in, I soon felt confident and completely inspired by the business that Alice had created. 

After our coffee, we went on site to one of her latest projects with Essex Cosmetics. It’s a beautiful clinic which literally felt like a manor house, with its timeless and traditional features. It was so insightful to get witness a day in the life and how decisions were being made. 

I feel extremely grateful to say that as off this week, I will be working on a freelance basis with Alice Molloy Interiors.  

Stay tuned…

Jade Jimmieson – Alice Molloy Interiors Ltd.

Keep an eye out for Jades work on our IG!