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Christmas Cancelled…?

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Christmas Cancelled…?

Well, well, well… is Christmas Cancelled? I have to be honest, I haven’t been very active on social media recently with all going on and since the latest update from good old Boris (tier4), I wasn’t sure to publish this blog post. But here it is…

Christmas this year will certainly be a lot different, especially for the people who are now in Tier 4. Trying to put a spin on it, we have to try and think of how good we will make next Christmas. Someone said to me today that after the 1918 pandemic (The Spanish flu) … came the roaring 20’s where everyone got dressed up and lived every moment to the fullest! We shall have to do the same & more!

Here at Alice Molloy Interiors, we want to personally thank everyone who has supported us over the last year, with the current times, it is certainly a blessing to have work & I am personally ever grateful to have a growing client base. With that being said, we have now successfully launched our Cushion Range which are all hand-made within the UK, are now available to buy from our shop, some are limited edition, once they are gone, they are gone!

Lastly if any one is thinking of hiring Interior Design services but not too such what exactly we do or how we could help, we have a downloadable PDF available which will explain more, please click here.

Nobody can really “cancel Christmas”, this year is different and not necessarily fun for some, but the true spirit still lies beneath. If you can and are reading this, lets be grateful that we have made it through this crazy year & are here celebrating this Christmas!