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Why you should consider furniture layout before electrical

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Why you should consider furniture layout before electrical

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why there are two plug sockets on an empty wall? Or why there is a cable trailing across the room leading to a table lamp? We sure have… too many times to count!

When you’re doing a full house renovation or extension, most people think about the furniture last once the rest of the space is designed. Which is when, you realise you actually needed a socket here, or a light there.

This is where, if you work backwards it can be very beneficial in your design process. So you have your shell designed of the empty space, if you find the optimal layout (a layout that works so well in the room/s that you wont need to change it). You can then see exactly where that table lamp will go, you may even see that you need floor boxes, if you want a side table next to a formal sofa with a table lamp on. This can also help with the full lighting plan, to ensure there are no spooky dark spots in your home!

Example draft electrical plan – Alice Molloy Interiors.

The image above is a draft electrical plan for a current project, most people will just see loads of lines and no idea what is going on, but it will help you plan. It could also stop any unexpected extra work for the builders/electricians. So one of our top tips, is always work backwards!

Sorry its been a while since our last post! Hopefully won’t leave it so long, and a Christmas blog will be on the cards…

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