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Impact of Lockdown for myself & the business!

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Impact of Lockdown for myself & the business!

As the Lockdown of 2020 is becoming the new normal, even with some restrictions starting to lift or plans for them to be lifted. This blog is going to be a quick insight into the roller coster of highs and many lows during this time for a small business owner like me and what has changed.

For those who have read my blogs before (firstly, thank you!), secondly, you will know that I haven’t been running my business for long and will be coming up to two years very soon. Not surprisingly the result of locking down felt like it would have dramatic impact on my business. I was due to do a photoshoot on our Chelsea project the week of lockdown, a install for two girls bedrooms at the end of March, not to mention the several projects we were tendering for which all came to a halt. All of our work had stopped overnight!

It felt like everything I had built up to this point, was going to come crashing down all around me. I considered getting a temp job at Tesco’s or somewhere. However to me, that was giving up on my business & my dream, my mind was saying one thing, while my heart was saying another!

It was time to “Pivot & Adapt” to suit the current times, despite if it would be temporary or a change that will last, it will help in the long run.

To me wellness and wellbeing are huge, during this time I found myself needing it more. The need to get fresh air more, connect to nature, feel grounded, feel the sunlight on my skin, hear the birds tweet in the woods nearby. Then it click, I wanted to try and help/reach everyone who wanted to create more wellness within their homes during this time.

Alice Molloy Interiors also then launched some online services, which has taken our most popular services and made them available to anyone who has  a computer!

We have teamed up with a Fine Art Photography company – Treacle Art to bring inspirational colour schemes.

Within a space of a few weeks, I feel so focused on bringing wellness/joy to people’s homes to help everyone get through this time. This isn’t forever, its a change and I needed to take a step back in order to see what was needed in order to change along with the tide, instead of getting washed away.

To anyone reading this with a small business, don’t give up, take a step back, time to relax and the solutions will come to you. All it takes sometimes is seeing it from a different perspective.

Until next time…


Alice Molloy