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Designer Vs High street

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Designer Vs High street

Many people look for Designer Vs High street options when it comes to fashion, so it’s no real surprise that Interior Design is the same. If you could get your Interiors looking, feeling and smelling great for less then why wouldn’t you? You would of seen that I mentioned smell/scent, this is hugely important in our home for our wellbeing & can change if the space feels cosy & warm, or awakening & energised (You can read the blog on it

Now back to the Designer Vs High street, we have looked at some of the most popular items within the home and found some look-a-like alternatives.






All of the above are great examples of how you can shop around to find the look you are after (okay, the items may not be identical) but they are a fraction of the cost in most cases! If you are willing to hunt around you can find cheaper alternatives to pretty much anything!

If there is anything you’re particularly interested in finding or would like us to write a blog on please do

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