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Does styling/staging your home help with a quick sell?

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Does styling/staging your home help with a quick sell?

Does styling/staging your home help with a quick sell? In my opinion – yes! It is just like how makeup works, it is an on-the-surface solution for your home.

Staging makes your home look its best; whilst saving you the expense of a full renovation. That said, staging your home can have alternative benefits other than showing it in its best light.

Many people struggle to visualise how a room or a property can be laid out to gain the most from the space and most importantly fail to see how they could live in the space themselves.

Viewing an empty or unoccupied home, can make it feel cold and empty (because it is…) but this can also make it appear smaller in size as you have nothing to scale it to. In my opinion, styling and staging a property can help prospective buyers visualise a room to its full potential.


Is staging/styling your home worth the effort?
In America, they strongly recommend staging your home whilst it’s on sale. After working for six months in Miami, I learnt this first hand as I saw some of the most amazing homes where each one was staged and sold fast too. Over there everyone does it and it’s the acceptable thing to do. Whereas, here in the UK it is a different story.

Not many people look into staging and styling their properties; however, according to Moneywise & Rightmove “…a staged home will sell for 8% more than a non-staged one. On an average UK property worth £220,094, that’s an extra £17,607.”

Despite these figures proving that it does help to style your home, many people have the attitude of why spend money on a house, we aren’t going to be living in? Well it is as simple as this: A staged home will help a potential buyer see your home as their own, therefore increasing their desire to pay for it.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to stage or style your home. The biggest way to make an impact would be to tackle the kitchen or bathrooms. A lick of fresh paint, clean flooring, wall coverings and accessories (inc flowers/plants) may be all that is necessary.


Also – declutter! I can not stress this enough!!! Even if it means putting your belongings into storage, you need to emphasise the available space whilst making it look homely at the same time – anything but clutter.

There are different ways you could approach this staging and styling if you are selling your home, or thinking of doing so. You can either do it yourself by heading down to your local DIY shop. You could also ask for an opinion, perhaps a friend who’s taste you like. Getting someone else to walk through your home with a different set of eyes will help a lot and make constructive changes. Lastly, you could hire a professional by talking with your estate agent or getting in touch with a local interior designer.

If you have any queries regarding staging or styling, feel free to contact me below to discuss your thoughts.

Alice Molloy Interiors are proud to be a member of the HSA (Home Staging Association), and got through to the finals of their Staging Awards 2019 for the best Bedroom Design!