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Top 10 Christmas Tree’s (plus a competition!)

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Top 10 Christmas Tree’s (plus a competition!)

Now it is officially December, I thought it would be best to do a Christmas themed blog.

No: 1 Farm House white – Now this one is one of my favourites out of the top 10, hence why it is number one! Its farm house, rustic feels more traditional yet having a modern twist. Keeping the colour palette similar to a lot of the others in this list. White but with the mixture of the pine cones & bronze adds a more warmth. Not to mention if you were to scent the pine cones with Cinnamon & Christmas Tree Cybilla then the tree would smell so divine!

No: 2 Snowflake – This one is a mix between the Frosty Silver and the Ice Gold. The majority of the main colour here is the snowy white. It has more of the tree showing and only slight hints of gold, however the main decoration its white tinsel which represents snow, or at least that is how I am seeing it. I am considering doing something like this for my own tree, but I am torn with a few of them in here. Not sure if this is too much?

No: 3 Scandi Chic – Scandinavian design has also been big in the interior design scene recently and with this tree, it is clear to see why. Using minimal decorations and all the same colour scheme, it keeps it simple and clean. No fuss and it’s easy on the eye. Who wouldn’t like to chill out next to this tree by the fire?

No: 4 Autumnal Woodland – I do love this one and it was hard not to have this in the top 3, however again with the pine cones it is a stronger contender. I love all of the bronze, orange and warm colours here. It looks like an actual woodland from a fairytale. One decoration I wouldn’t possibly put on the tree would be the owls, they are sweet but in my opinion also a tad creepy.

No: 5 Ice Gold – Keeping with the cool theme is this ice gold tree! (see what I did with the name!) Bringing in gold, warms this tree theme up slightly and gives it a much more luxurious feel. Like the tree’s above this is a more modern way to dress your tree, to be honest the tree looks like a million pound, with every visible bit of it covered! I love it, although I dread to think how long decorating a tree like this would take.

No: 6 Radiant Colour – This is the most out of the box tree I came across and the artistic part of me loved it. The way all of the colours gradients into the other is rather satisfying. So if you can’t choose on one colour in your house then why not go for all of them?!

No: 7 Navy Nutcracker – As mentioned anyone who follows my Instagram will know I love any shade of blue and that goes for navy to! So finding this tree was a dream! Although it didn’t make my top 3, it is in the top 10 (although not to sure why so far down!) The gold and navy are such rich colours, complimenting each other so well. If I was going to re-create this tree, I mostly likely wouldn’t add in the odd splashes of red with the Nutcrackers and keep it to just the two colours (maybe adding more navy!)

No: 8 Traditional Candy Cane – This one doesn’t really need any introduction, here is one of the more traditional tree’s. With red & gold decorations, toped with a splash of white. In my opinion you can’t beat a traditional tree with red & gold, it just screams Christmas.

No: 9 Frosty Silver – I do like this frosty look with a hint of blue! It looks classy & sophisticated, while being cool (meaning in the temp) it gives you the feeling of walking through a winter wonderland. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

No: 10 Blush Me Pink – Seeing as grey & pink have been such a hit this year, I had to put a blush pink tree in my top 10. Personally this is to girly for my tree, however if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t of made it in here. There is something about the soft blush pink and the copper tones that makes this tree stunning, I just can’t put my finger on what it is!

Thats the end of my top 10 Christmas tree’s for 2018, it is cleat to see from this that I don’t tend to go for the normal traditional Christmas tree decorations! If anyone takes inspiration from the above and want to show me the finished results please do send them to me! In fact, I am going to do a competition for the best Christmas tree sent into me*! There will be a winner announced the first week of January, on my blog, my Facebook and my Instagram! The prize will be a Home Sense voucher… think of all the goodies you could get in the sale!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyones tree’s!

* Terms & Conditions: 1) Please tag me in your Christmas tree photos on Instagram (@alice_molly_interiors) 2) Follow me on Instagram

**Competition now closed**

Merry Christmas from,
Alice Molloy Interiors